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Think Better

Think Better: Ten Books to Help You

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” — Voltaire |  It may be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: One of the first things you need to do to write well is to think. Now most of us think on occasion, but for you to create exceptional work, you have to do a fair

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Writing Content: It's All About Your Audience

Writing Marketing Content: It’s All About Your Audience

I was talking to a small gathering of marketers the other morning and I got carried away and started ranting about poorly written content (I’m known to do that, probably too often). What I said was that even though there are thousands of great blog posts and articles providing good advice on marketing communications, I

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Righting Writing Wrongs

Righting Writing Wrongs

The following 10 errors in grammar and style bug me. When I’m reading content written by a professional and come across one of these, I stop reading. And I wonder why a “professional” is making this kind of mistake. I’ll continue to read, usually, but I’m now questioning the credibility of the author. There’s no

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