B2B Content Marketing Research Results

We’ve just released a research report, B2B Content Marketing (co-sponsored with the Philadelphia Chapter of the Business Marketing Association), that offers some great advice for thought leadership marketers. Content marketing is one of the most important tactics used to position firms as thought leaders. Yet, according to our research, more than half (54%) of all firms surveyed do not have a documented content marketing strategy.

The survey clearly shows the importance of having a strategy: those firms with a content marketing strategy performed better on every measure of performance surveyed: for example, firms with a content marketing strategy were 27% better in generating leads than those without a strategy. Fortunately, firms do recognize the importance of strategy: developing a content marketing strategy is cited as one of their top marketing challenges.

Bottom line — make sure you have a clear, documented content marketing strategy (aligned to your thought leadership positioning strategy, which will be, of course, aligned with your corporate strategy).

The 18-page B2B Content Marketing Summary Report is available for download. Members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Business Marketing Association receive a copy of the full report. For all others, the full report, B2B Content Marketing, is available for purchase ($145) from BMA Philadelphia.