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Home Page Useability

Does Your Home Page Work?

I was reviewing an IT software company’s website home page and saw quickly that they were doing things right and wrong at the same time. When a prospect comes to your homepage three things have to happen in less than 10 seconds. They have to realize quickly that they’re on the right website. They have […]

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Writing Content: Three Things You Need to Know

I was talking to a small gathering of marketers the other morning and I got carried away and started ranting about poorly written content (I’m known to do that, probably too often). What I said was that even though there are thousands of great blog posts and articles providing good advice on marketing communications, I […]

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The Buying Cycle

White Papers and the Buying Cycle

Wikipedia defines a white paper as an “authoritative report or guide that helps solve a problem…often used to generate sales leads, establish thought leadership, make a business case, or educate customers, channel partners, or investors.” White papers need to have enough content to build a credible story, so you’ll usually find them to be roughly […]

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media: Inspire Your Audience to Act

You don’t engage in social media activities for the fun of it (although it can be fun). You’re in business, and you have business goals to meet. You think that using social media will help you meet those goals — like making money — but how. You need a clearly defined social media strategy. Strategic clarity will guide you […]

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Customers, Competition, and Content

When creating a thought leadership marketing strategy, you should focus first on three elements: customers, competition, and content. In this post I’ll give a brief overview on what you need to think about these elements and go into more detail on each one in my next three posts. Customers Who are your customers, and what […]

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