Create Online Video Slideshows

Online video is fast becoming a marketing staple. According to research by Unico, fifty-five percent of marketers are currently using videos, with another 20% planning to use them in the next 12 months. Video is a particularly good tool for showcasing brief snippets of thought leadership. It engages your audience in ways that images and words cannot. And for that reason alone, you should add it to your mix of thought leadership marketing methods.

I just came across a fascinating website for creating video slideshows — animoto. You can create a 30-second video for free; for $30 a year you’re not limited to 30 seconds; and for $249 a year you can remove all the references to animoto and make the video totally your own. It’s a great tool for those on a very tight budget or those just learning how to implement video in blogs or websites (yeah, that’s me raising my hand).

The tool takes graphics or slides or even short video clips and creates quick, professional looking videos. You can edit the videos, add text, add music, and even remix to automatically create a different version using the same images.

I created the video above very easily using the automated tools of the animoto software and images that we already had of content we’ve created.

There are other free video tools available that I have yet to try. Screenr lets you record your computer screen. You can easily create a video of a slide presentation or demonstrate how to use an online tool. Pixorial and JayCut are free tools for editing your videos online, adding text or special effects. So take a look at these tools and let me know how they work for you.

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