Keep your periodical on track

We can manage the editorial production of your publication, working with authors and others to ensure that the work is published on time and that the content of the publication meets your organization’s editorial objectives.

Whether your publication is a magazine, journal, newsletter, blog, or some other type of periodical, we can help you produce it.

Jim Pennypacker has been the contract editor-in-chief of PowerShips, the quarterly magazine of the Steamship Historical Society of America, for the past six years.

Editorial Management
Simple editorial schedule for a quarterly magazine


  • Develop and/or coordinate all current content for publication
  • Edit stories, articles, photos, and other submissions
  • Solicit new material for the publication
  • Work with the publisher and editorial committee to develop an editorial strategy
  • Ensure that the publication meets editorial objectives
  • Create and manage the entire editorial process standards and guidelines
  • Create and manage the overall editorial production schedule
  • Work with partners supporting the publication, including writers, other editors, advertising salespeople, designers, printers, photographers, etc.
  • Ensure that the editorial work is completed on time
  • Respond to email, phone, and mail inquiries relevant to the publication’s editorial objectives
  • Maintain professional relations with publication stakeholders
  • Interface regularly with the publication design team
  • Work with contributors and potential authors to insure that proper and necessary copyright, photo licensing, and release forms are executed and filed in advance of publication
  • Work with publication staff to insure that the organization’s objectives are reached

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