Why Publish White Papers

White papers are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to build business. In print or digital, white papers help your readers (prospects and customers) understand the issues as they evaluate their options. White papers are a credible source of information when you provide well thought out arguments backed by facts. By offering valuable content, white papers engage decisions makers and influencers resulting in any number of benefits to you:

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  • Generate sales leads
    Show how you have already solved problems that your readers currently face.
  • Establish a thought leadership position
    Offer insight on issues important to your readers.
  • Nurture leads and support sales efforts
    Bring a clear point of view that distinguishes your company from your competitors.
  • Enhance customer loyalty
    Provide information on how to better use your products or services.
  • Build your brand
    Demonstrate your success with other companies.
  • Expand your market
    Educate your readers on how your product or service has led directly to business improvement.
  • Help readers make decisions
    Identify and evaluate alternatives and make authoritative recommendations.
  • Help build the business case for your products or services
    Contribute new research on some aspect of your industry.

What readers have done as a result of reading a white paper*

  • 76% used a search engine to get more information
  • 75% went to a vendor site for more information about their product or service
  • 74% forwarded the white paper to a co-worker/colleague
  • 71% went to the website where they read/downloaded the white paper for more information
  • 54% contacted a vendor for more information about their product or service
  • 36% made a purchase
  • 32% included the white paper in their final business case to support a purchase

*InformationWeek Tech Marketing Best Practices Research Series, February 2009