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Positioning and Thought Leadership Marketing

I was rereading a marketing classic, Positioning, by Al Ries and Jack Trout, and was impressed by how well their message still holds up (I guess that’s why it’s called a classic). It’s particularly relevant to those trying to practice thought leadership marketing. Positioning is the process marketers use to try to create an image […]

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Thought Leadership Marketing Defined

Most folks I meet say to me, “Well, I think I have an idea of what thought leadership marketing is, but I’m not sure, so tell me.” It’s a concept that’s referred to in a lot of business writing, today, but not often talked about in depth. It certainly doesn’t come up as part of […]

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Thought Leadership Branding: Where Do You Stand?

Where do you see your organization on the thought leadership brand pyramid ? We’ve put together a tool for informally assessing your thought leadership branding. The first step in knowing what thought leadership marketing you need to do to improve your brand is to know where you stand today. The goal, of course, is to […]

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